Saturday, February 26, 2005

Marketing and Assertiveness

Well thankyou ITC!! Being International Marketing Chairman has forced me to research ways to market on behalf of ITC and one source of useful information has been John Stanley. It was his suggestion to use coffee shops to promote our organisation. (I shared the idea on our blog.) But it is so true that we are bombarded with visual advertising every day and every-where to such an extent that its effectiveness is reduced to just about zero. But get people while they are relaxed, and open to suggestion and you have a chance of getting their attention with your publicity. So use the menu holders in the local coffee shop to get that attention. OK ... to find the confidence to approach the owner of a coffee shop to ask if we could use his menu holders. Well that's where the gratitude to IIC came in, because it gave me the confidence to go into the shop and ask. I also felt strong with the backing of an international organisation. He gave me permission and we now have a new member of the club from that publicity.
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