Sunday, April 03, 2005

Male and Female brains - different?

Human beings don't come with manuals. A typical lament. I wished I had a manual for the babies when they were born, and still do now they are teenagers. I wished for one as my mother aged, and I would dearly love some definitions as I navigate a marriage that is in its third decade. One of the greatest challenges has been growing up in the sixties and seventies when we desperately believed that men and women were equal, and somehow made the connection to the belief that therefore they must be the same. Fortunes are being made writing books and offering counselling sessions to our generation as we come to terms with the fact that men and women are different. And the manual? The scientific proof that we so dearly loved in those same decades. Still evolving... but not as clearcut as we would like. I found this site when I was researching for my news bytes in education . For children, simply put, the best conclusion reached is that so far there is no real proof that our brains are different. Thankfully the same research for news bytes bought an article They Just can't help it which puts it in perspective. Here is the scientific theory. Now to just write me a manual.
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