Monday, June 20, 2005


I am fascinated with the word bites/bytes/bights. It is my word of the month. We all know how strange English can be. And those of us outside the United States are constantly aware of the changes to our English caused by their pervasive influence. I know that my packaged food is light in fat, but lite seems to be creeping in to the packaging. And comforting pictures of security for little children are accompanied with more shortenings. Are they really nite-lites? So how do you spell the thing you do with your teeth? Bight - bite? We have a national geographical feature called the Great Australian Bight. I'm confused.

But I do like plays on words and spelling. So we now add bytes into the mix, and my fascination with what we can do with information and email and websites has found a name. I have "news bytes" for Librarians, for education and for my friends. And what can I call my site for Librarians? - of course - The Librarian Bytes!! Too sexy for librarians!! Not this one, and what a wonderful pun!!
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