Thursday, October 13, 2005

Tech learning

I found this in an article recently ....

The children of the e-revolution can do many things at once. After years of technological stimulation they can simultaneously surf the internet, text message their mates, listen to music on an iPod and write a blog.
But these digital natives are on a collision course with their technologically illiterate teachers, who speak digital as a second language and print out emails so they can read them.
  You can read the whole article. It's called Where worlds collide and pupils leave teachers behind

And it's true - in some cases. There is a divide between teachers and their students in terms of technology use. It reminded me of a fairly landmark statement a teacher once made to me. He had just taken on board some advice that he let the students do the teaching when it came to technology - a mentoring process, and I think that is such a pivotal attitude to have in this situation.

Nevertheless I find the material circulating on technology and its uses in teaching to be incredibly stimulating, challenging and exciting. Here is just a sample of the articles I have discovered recently...

It's not what it is, it's what it enables. The role of blogs, wikis, and RSS
Let me state the obvious: the real value of blogs and wikis is not the tool itself. It's what the tool enables. Sadly, many advocates overlook this simple fact.
To continue the over-simplification, it's the equivalent of viewing a hammer as only a means to hit nails. Obviously that is the task at its most basic. But what does it mean? In the case of the hammer, it means we can build a doghouse, a bookshelf, or a house. Until we look past the task and functionality of a tool - to what the tool enables - we largely miss the beauty of why it's so useful.
and the blog post continues

7 things you should know about podcasting

Sourcing Content to Teach and Learn With
With so many great resources already out there on the net, why re-invent the wheel? There's stacks of great activities and information waiting for you to link together into a fun learning experience! When sourcing your content, be careful to check the copyright statement of the content before you attempt to use it. And the post continues with a wonderful list of resources which are free.

7 things you should know about blogs

I've collected these, among others, at my page of Ed News bytesor you can read them at my blog
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