Saturday, April 08, 2006

But what about the antioxidants ...?

Just when I was revelling in the little snippets coming my way that said chocolate was good for hearts - especially the dark variety, (of chocolate that is ...) and that there were antioxidants there as well, I come across this little gem ...

"Chocolate may deepen depression

Chocoholics can happily eat chocolate for pleasure but for those who are stressed and clinically depressed, the high is short-lived and chocolate may even deepen the downer, a review shows."

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What a wet blanket to throw over my hopes for the benefits of chocolate.

But then I hearken back to late teens when I was melodramatically "depressed" over some cad, and decided that other people used alcohol to "drown their sorrows" and that was what I could do too. Went out and bought a bottle of whisky. Didn't work, did it? Made the miseries worse.

Further experimentation with alcohol made me come to the conclusion that whatever crutch you were using was just that - a support to whatever you were feeling at the time - happy, and the alcohol made you happier, sad and you drowned in it. So ... maybe the same applies to chocolate.

Ah well - back to the attempts (mostly successful!) at moderation.

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