Sunday, June 04, 2006

Cultural arrogance?

This has got my hackles up!!

From a news report ...

Hobbit people brainer than first thought

A hobbit-like prehistoric people discovered in Indonesia might be known for their grapefruit-sized brains but they're much smarter than researchers initially gave them credit for, a new study has found.Research by Australian and Indonesian archaeologists shows that the so-called "hobbits" who lived on the remote island of Flores more than 12,000 years ago probably knew how to make stone tools. You can Read on ...

But what sort of arrogance are we indulging in here? What makes us think we have superior brains? Where has it got us - this superior brain - a world polluted, overcrowded with people too busy to even notice the world or humanity?

Did we evolve from the hobbits in Indonesia? Can we return? Is there a compromise?

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