Thursday, June 01, 2006

Gaming And Product Placement: Match Not Made In Heaven

I'm fascinated with marketing and the techniques used. I'm also excited by the changes that are occurring with technology, and the way we are adapting to them, so the following piece caught my attention, and all I can say is - it speaks for itself ..


IMAGINE YOU'RE WATCHING "LORD OF the Rings." Aragorn, fresh from slaying a host of orcs single-handedly, sits down and has a nice, refreshing Pepsi.

You can imagine the reaction of the audience, especially those fanatics who brought their dog-eared copies of the trilogy to check for discrepancies.Product placement, while popular in the movie industry, simply doesn't work with every movie.

The same goes for in-game ads, currently touted as a way for video game developers to mitigate the rapidly skyrocketing costs of producing the next big thing--Halo 2 cost $20 million to produce--by providing another revenue stream beyond sales.

The problem is, much like movies, in-game ads simply can't be placed in every game; fantasy, and sometimes even sci-fi settings, make product placement impractical and even offensive to gamers--and gamers are a constituency that get angry easily.

It would be problematic to include modern products or advertisement in-game in many of the top 20 games by sales as of mid-March--including Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion, Metriod Prime: The Hunters, and Animal Crossing: Wild World.

From Gaming Insider published by Media post

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