Thursday, June 29, 2006

Time Management

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From the Pivotal Personal Best Ezine

I've chosen a time management article to highlight this week. It's good to return to the basics every so often, to be reminded.

I have to add, though, that much of what is written on time management assumes that we have a measure of control over our time. For those of us who work in service professions and/or choose to support families, there is a whole new dimension. We have to be "on call," so to speak, be able to drop everything for someone else's priorities. I find this stressful at times- have to remind myself of my priorities, very strongly sometimes. If this applies to you, please email me with any solutions we can share!!

I must say that something a friend said recently keeps echoing in my head. She is in recruitment and said that one of the most important skills that employers are looking for today is the ability to prioritize tasks, and to be able to do it many times during the day. I hope this article gives you the ground rules to succeed in your time, (or is it task?) management.

Main Article:

Managing Your Time

Perhaps the greatest problem that people have today is "time poverty." Working people have too much to do and too little time for their personal lives. Most people feel overwhelmed by responsibilities and activities, and the harder they work, the further behind they feel. This sense of being on a never-ending treadmill can cause you to fall into a reactive/responsive mode of living. Instead of clearly deciding what you want to do, you continually react to what is happening around you. Pretty soon, you lose all sense of control. You feel that your life is running you, rather than you running your life.
On a regular basis, you have to stand back and take stock of yourself and what you're doing. You have to stop the clock and do some serious thinking about who you are and where you are going. You have to evaluate your activities in the light of what is really important to you. You must master your time rather than becoming a slave to the demands of a constant flow of events. And you must organize your life to achieve balance, harmony, and inner peace. Read on ...

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