Wednesday, August 30, 2006

"Dumb Jock"

Thanks to Cognitive Daily for the article Is "Dumb Jock" an accurate stereotype? While you pose the question
with more and more studies demonstrating that athletic participation is associated with higher academic performance, why does the stereotype persist?

I suspect that maybe you are generalising too far. I grew up with the stereotype - either dumb jock or academic brain, but not both. I live in a household of males, all of whom love their sport and both sons play football, basketball and cricket. While I know that there are many sporting activities particularly athletics where there is no longer any dumb jock behaviour, I see it persisting in the football rooms still. Any announcement after a game of football was accompanied by skulling (is that how you spell it?), last time I attended. I was mortified to see it still existed. Does success on a football field still depend on that masculine, blokey testosterone fuelled atmosphere?

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