Tuesday, August 01, 2006

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Do you attend seminars and conferences? I find them the most uplifting recharging experiences. I come home full of ideas and enthusiasm. And I know from experience! that it is so easy to let that charge and those ideas gradually slip away if you don't have a plan of action to put them into practice. Fellow Aussie, Lorraine Pirihi has written a very useful article with some great ideas on how to benefit most from your conference/seminar attendance.

But first here's a little piece to increase your optimism from our resident resilience authority, Michael Licenblat.

Optimism Increases Productivity

How am I going to get through all this work?
I don't know what will happen if I fail?
What happens if we don't meet the sales budget?
I hope that I don't get sick!

If this is a familiar train of thought then you are in trouble!

Pessimism has been found to not only increase stress, but also increases incidence of illness & absenteeism, tiredness, slower recovery from surgery, low self esteem, and causes the under use of abilities.
You simply cannot afford to 'put up' with a bad mood, having a miserable day, or negative colleagues. Pessimism will drain both your productivity and quality of life.

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Seminar Success Strategies - How to profit from your Investment

I've recently returned from a 3 day seminar, full of renewed enthusiasm and information that, when actioned, will make a dramatic difference to all aspects of my business and my personal life. There were also many other people there, who like myself attend seminars and conferences to gain more knowledge so they too can improve their lives. However, it's not the knowledge that makes the difference, it's the application of that knowledge.

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