Thursday, September 07, 2006

Kwan skipping season to go to college - wow!

This headline jumped out at me this morning. Strange because so many headlines about sporting figures are there, but not of interest.

(I will digress for a moment, though, and comment that I followed a series of American news items about an athlete with a broken leg. There was huge attention - the story ran for days and it wan't until I read what must have been about the fifth day's story that I realised it was a horse!! - I thought it must be a football player!!)

There are stories about individual athletes and their performances or lack of, about coaches, about teams. Many of these people are treated in the news items as if they are celebrities and the whole industry seems to be surrounded with media magic.

So it is attention-grabbing for me to read about a person putting their sporting career on hold to attend college - what give up that huge commitment, that magic status to go to college? What has college to offer in comparison?

I'm off to investigate participation in two blogging endeavours -
successjolt and language rules. See you there!

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