Thursday, November 29, 2012

Remember and repeat - Zig Ziglar

The world is mourning the loss of Zig Ziglar this morning.  It's sad when someone dies, even if they are old and ready to go.  But there is such a warm image associated with Zig Ziglar.

I never heard him speak, but I have read a lot about him.  Today my social media flows are full of his quotes.  A few have mentioned his life and his inspiration, but I am surrounded by his wonderful messages.

And this is what I asked of my readers this morning in the Pivotal Public Speaking ezine.  

As a speaker, how will you be remembered?  One of the goals, is, after all, to be remembered - specifically to be remembered and repeated.  What are we repeating today?  Zig's "quotes".

While there is a myriad of strategies we can use to be repeated and remembered, one of them is creating sound bytes of our messages.  Call them headlines if you will.  But if we make them memorable, then we give our audiences something to remember ... and repeat!   
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