Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Explore: The trees by the river

On Saturday I went exploring by the river that runs through our city.

I spent time wandering through the city centre on the way.  There was a fair in King George Square.  I was amazed to see the boat swings.  I had thought they belonged to the old books of my childhood, deep as they were in British culture.

Boat swings from Wikipedia

It entranced me to see them in modern version but seemingly giving the same level of joy as they did centuries ago.

I was too late to prowl through the library, as I intended so I wandered around in the precinct, enjoying the sculptures - again a part of my childhood as vegie steamers.

geodesic sculptures

The river always beckons, and especially the tree-dominated grassy slope down to the river. It is such a peaceful, beautiful spot.

I so enjoy just sitting under and around trees like that, with water close by, a visiting baby butcher-bird, a bit younger than the ones at home... and people with stories just waiting to be told.

This is what the theme "EXPLORE" is all about!

Crossing the road to get back to my bus involved going through the cultural centre where the audience was spilling out after a performance.  The middle-aged women were singing, or rather chanting, "Let's do the timewarp again".  Hmm could it be that they had just seen the Australian production of "Rocky Horror"??!!

I was recounting this story to my 21-year-old son when I got home and he and his girlfriend simply looked blankly at me at this point.  They had no idea of the song.  REEEEEally?  Wow a whole generation to be converted!!
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