Tuesday, May 31, 2005


As email insinuates itself into our lives, making itself indispensable in so many ways, we need every strategy at our disposal to keep it under control and to let it be the wonderful tool that it can be. So I wanted to share this article by Stever Robbins which contains some useful tips.

Being at or near the top of your organization, everyone wants a piece of you. So they send you e-mail. It makes you feel important. Don't you love it? Really? Then, please take some of mine! Over 100 real e-mails come in each day. At three minutes apiece, it will take five hours just to read and respond. Let's not even think about the messages that take six minutes of work to deal with. Shudder. I'm buried in e-mail and chances are, you're not far behind. For whatever reason, everyone feels compelled to keep you "in the loop."
Fortunately, being buried alive under electronic missives forced me to develop coping strategies. Let me share some of the nonobvious ones with you. Together, maybe we can start a revolution. Read Stever’s Tips  
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