Saturday, June 04, 2005

Passion in the Library

I visited a local library yesterday to set up a display for my ITC Club, Mt Gravatt Communicators. Garden City is a nearby suburb with a large shopping complex, including this library. I work in a school library, and I always find it exciting to visit the public libraries. I'm assailed with fascinating promises. There are so many programmes for so many interests. "Nite owls" caught my eye, mainly because of the interests at the school - promising "Activities on the internet based around the popular book 'A series of Unfortunate events' by Lemony Snickett. Ideal for children 8-12 years old." And the other is the programme by Brisbane City Council Libraries (of which Garden City is one) to have everyone in the city read and share this one book. It beckoned from their website every time I visited there as well, although One Book, One Brisbane has now been overtaken by an amnesty on fines. Great promotion. And now I have a home to promote my other passion as well. And given the atmosphere in the library, we're bound to attract some interest.
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