Thursday, July 21, 2005

Open to Debate

My thoughts are turned towards two debates this week. Both Communicators Logan City and Mt Gravatt Communicators are running debates. Why did I suggest it to both clubs??? Anyway that means the right brain is getting plenty of exercise. The first topic is "What I sow I will reap", and I've thought of discipline and its outcomes, rearing children, and the literal interpretation involving plants. But Heather's suggestion that the emphasis should be on the word "will", as in determination, had escaped me, and certainly appeals. The second will be "Spare the rod and spoil the child". I'm not sure that I want to go into abuse with that one.... But the good news is that I was listening to an interview on radio a couple of days ago, with a neuroscientist, who was claiming that we can exercise the brain, as we would a muscle, to keep it performing optimally. He also suggested that it is often the left side of the brain that grows as we age. And I certainly saw that poignantly in my mother as she entered dementia in old age, and could remember the ordinary things in life, like getting the vegetables ready for dinner at night, but could not cope with things that only happened irregularly. So all this exercise I'm giving my right brain in terms of reaping and sowing and the rod, just may save me from encroaching loss of brain cells. Now where did I leave those keys??!
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