Thursday, April 20, 2006

Is intolerance too trendy for us to Care for kids?

A news headline today announces Childish behaviour a road hazard: NRMA.

Ooh goodie, more on road rage!!

But no, it continues “Parent drivers are being driven to distraction by the silly backseat antics of their kids, according to new research.”

Oh is that all? Are you a parent? Were you a child once? Had we not noticed this phenomenon?

Ok maybe we needed to be reminded of the dangers. Or maybe we need to be reminded to be tolerant. Is that the problem today? We’ve forgotten tolerance? Tolerance is not trendy. This is the me generation still is it? And my anger will be vented? Therefore the massive increase, not to mention dangers involved, in road rage. And therefore the need to remind us to be tolerant of our children – to remind us not to be distracted by their antics in the car, and maybe to take some time to be prepared so we don’t have the antics in the first place. Hope it works.


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