Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Latrinalia - learning from the scrawls in the bathroom

I have to say I am fascinated by what people scrawl on toilet wells. It is a tiny picture of lives and values and philosophies often wholly different to mine, or maybe expressing my thoughts with a wit I will never possess. I’m not surprised that study of toilet graffiti is old and taken very seriously. But there’s humour there are well. Fun, then to find his article and its links to further sites on the internet.

Latrinalia - Learning From the Scrawls in the Bathroom

Bathroom Graffiti Taken to Another Level

- It's the one private moment one has when out in public.

The visit to the latrine, the bathroom, the commode is a time for eureka moments, private thoughts, emptying of contents, and fixing of the unruly hair or smudged mascara as well as a time for many people to scrawl their deep thoughts on bathroom walls.

"It's a time when you are able to vent and be open," said Alex Kotch, a Brown University senior who put together a sound installation called "No one will see us."

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